How Lion's Choice
Pulled off a Sweet
Marketing Combo!

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cracker barrel

all american
collect 'n win

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International Delight

hazelnut Blitz

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ultimate reward

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how salsarita's
drove sales
during covid-19

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How Lion's Choice Pulled off a Sweet Marketing Combo!

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Business Situation

The thing about loyalty programs is that ya can't just launch 'em and expect people to sign up. Since this wasn't Lion's Choice's first rodeo, they knew in order to drive new memberships they first needed to create awareness of the new program.

And since they were going to invest in an awareness program they figured, why not make people aware of just how awesome their King Sandwich Combos are?
Seems logical, no?

Lion's Choice logo Coke logo
Big Idea

One big advantage that Lion's Choice has is that Coca Cola's their beverage partner and,
you might not know this but, Coke's pretty good at marketing.

So we combined Coke's marketing power with our digital promo idea to create “The Choice is Yours Sweepstakes”. And we're not just talking one of those hit-and-run promos where ya fill out a form and go back to watching your youtube video.

We're talking a fully game-based experience based on the
groovy ‘70s show, Let's Make a Deal.

To play the game players clicked to reveal a prize.

They could then keep that prize, or swap it out for a chance at something better.

You wanna talk about addictive....

Players got a few plays per day but could earn more for:

  • purchasing a King Sandwich Combo
  • joining the loyalty program
  • following Lion's Choice on Twitter

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Cracker Barrel All-American Summer Spin 'N Win

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Every summer Cracker Barrel battles for their share of the hungry road tripper market. So they asked us to develop a program to engage customers through the summer months, amplify their message on social networks, and drive traffic into their stores.


We used our collection game module to create the All-American Summer Spin 'N Win. The program featured digital board game that encouraged participants to spin a wheel to cruise around the game board and collect sets of properties for a chance to win. To earn extra spins participants could join CB's email list, share duplicate properties on social networks and answer quiz questions about CB's Wholesome Fixin's summer menu. To drive store traffic we instantly awarded gift cards right within the game!

step one
Complete Activities to Earn Spins
step two
Spin the cap to move around the board!
step 3
Complete Sets to Get Entries

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International Delight Hazelnut Blitz

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For the launch of their new hazelnut creamer WhiteWave's International Delight needed a digitalpiece to complete their launch strategy. Specifically they wanted to target primary shoppers, and drive awareness of the new product. They also wanted to drive email opt ins, and sales to boot!


Yup, shifting demographics have more and more men cutting coupons and squeezing avocados but women still do the overwhelming majority of grocery shopping in a the US. So when this brief hit our shores we immediately thought “advergame”! While most people think games are for greasy basement-dwelling teenagers, 18-50 year-old women are actually America's most active casual gamers. No sh@t! So we build Hazelnut Blitz, a gamified digital promotion that featured a sweepstakes and a custom advergame.

Play on the go!

The 20-round puzzle advergame seamlessly integrated the new product, brand mascots and International Delight messaging.

Get more game plays

The sweepstakes rewarded participants for playing the game, sharing on social networks, joining ID's email list and entering purchase codes. That's right, this puppy tied directly to sales. That's what we're talkin' ‘bout!

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Overwaitea Ultimate Rewards Sweepstakes!

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Loyalty marketers are always looking for ways to attract new members and drive businessfor their program partners. The tricky part is measuring a program's impact on partner sales. Overwaitea tapped us because they knew it wasn't our first loyalty rodeo!


Overwaitea's Ultimate Rewards Sweepstakes featured a Spin & Win game in which folks won instant prizes and grand prize draw entries.

Everyone was
welcome to play!

First of all the program was open to everyone, not just More Rewards members. That's cuz we wanted to get non-members into the program so we could educate them about More Rewards. Makes sense, right?

Stay in the game

We gave new registrants a few free spins but when they ran out they had to earn more. They earned more by, learning about the More Rewards program, joining the program, sharing on social nets and shopping @ partner stores (and we could track that btw!). So members and non-members alike could earn spins.

Spin for entries!

The spin game doled out grand prize draw entries, secondary prizes, and loads of More Rewards points. The logic? Imagine you're not a More Rewards member but you've learned about the benefits of the program and you keep earning free points.
At a certain point you're gonna sign up, right?! Just saying...

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how salsarita's drove sales during covid-19

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Business Situation

While Salsarita's was planning their 20th anniversary celebrations COVID-19 struck us.

As it did for most restaurants, the pandemic flipped Salsarita's business on its ear. The restaurant chain needed to find ways to drive sales in a fast-changing business environment. Complicating matters were the different States' evolving COVID-19 protocols.

Depending on the state, Salsarita's needed to promote either:

  • Curb-side pick up
  • 3rd party delivery
  • In-store dining
  • A combination of all 3
Big Idea

To help Salsarita's celebrate its anniversary, and thrive through the pandemic, we teamed up with their beverage supplier, Coca Cola, (you may have heard of them?) to develop the 'Stay in Game' campaign. The game-based digital promo was specifically designed to drive engagement and get people to place an order! The program challenged players to spin a game wheel to collect icons of Salsarita's fresh ingredients and menu items.

To earn spins players:

  • entered a pin card code
  • explored Salsarita's app
  • answered quiz questions about menu items
  • opted in to Salsarita's newsletter


Drive Awareness

You probably already know this, but frontline staff are one of the best ways to drive awareness of your promo. That's why this promo included a Crew Program that incentivized staff to drive guest registrations and tracked pin card redemption.

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