Whether you want to drive sales, email opt-ins and social sharing, increase product reviews, or solicit user generated content, our products are designed to meet your objectives. And we’re constantly updating our tool kit to meet the evolving digital landscape.


You can have your digital promotion in market within a couple of weeks using our proven secure sweepstakes technology.

Instant Win

Instant Win promotions are effective for promoting consumer action and they’re easy to deploy. Just pick from our library of instant win games, hook it up to our secure instant win engine, and presto! You've got an exciting branded experience that drives business results.

Collection Games

Collection games are super-effective for driving sales, showcasing products and amplifying your message on social networks. Whether your budget is big or small we've got a collection game that'll work.


There is no more addictive form of advertising than advergames. We have numerous game engines that'll keep folks engaged with your brand for hours!

User-Gen Contests

Everyone loves to see their name (pic, vid, etc.) in the bright lights! User generated contests give consumers a voice while providing you with free content. With our engine, you get built in moderation, judging and support tools to make user-gen promos a snap!

Review & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are among the most effective ways to influence purchase decisions. Our R&T engine rewards participants for providing feedback about your products or services.

Social Campaigns

Use our social campaign products (hashtag aggregators, sharing, and collection programs) to amplify your message on social networks.

Shopper Marketing

Our shopper marketing tools are designed to help you drive trial, product exploration, and sales. They can also be used to convert shoppers into members of your email lists, loyalty programs and social communities.


Our loyalty platform is the creme of the crop. It's responsive and flexible, and it can tie into your POS or eCommerce platform. Events can be set to launch and end automatically so your work schedule isn’t dictated by launch dates. Heck, you can even have us manage the program if you're too busy.

Point of Sale

Our platform supports programs that require consumers to purchase in order to participate. Our flexible API can integrate with both your POS and your eCommerce plateform. So if you're looking to drive sales, look no further!


Use our products to increase your event marketing ROI. Drive engagement and create connections at trade shows, sporting events and concerts!

Achievements & Trophies

Upping your program's engagement level is easy with our Achievements engine. You can set the system to award trophies for virtually any activity.

Single Sign-In

Don't make your customers re-register every time they visit one of your digital programs. Our Single Sign-In technology allows your customers to access any of your registration-gated programs using the regular login they use on your site.

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