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Drive adoption,
not awareness

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Educate your customers

Everyone hates ads. So how do you get customers to care about your digital banking products and their benefits? Simple. Game-based marketing.

Educate as they play

Fun customer experience!

Incentivize adoption

Give customers a reason to go digital. Reward them when they download your app or login to their online banking.

Support your new tech

Your customers will have lots of questions when they first try your products. Support your new tech with simulations so customers can practice using products in a risk free environment.

Make it a habit

Old habits die hard. Build new ones. Reward customers when they use your digital products.

Build usage habits

82% of new users continue using app post-promo

Reward for regular use

26% increase in mobile app engagement

Measure ROI

Track the metrics you actually care about and prove the business impact of your campaign.

Get your customers using your fintech

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How to Boost Digital Adoption for Your Bank

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How a Major Telco Increased App Adoption & Usage by 26%

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