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The all-in-one learning experience platform

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Get your frontline ready

Give staff the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to promote and support your digital products.



Phone Channel

Increase employee engagement with narrative & challenges


Increase in voluntary participation


Increase in repeat engagement


Increase in voluntary participation


Increase in repeat engagement


Game-Based Learning

Product Simulations

Role-play Scenarios

Make product training quick & fun with game-based microlearning.

Staff are 91% more likely to recommend digital products to customers

Build knowledge & confidence with product simulations

"I used the mobile deposit simulations in conversation with customers. Really helped so much."

Janna, Phone Channel, PA

Let staff practice recommending digital products with role-play scenarios.

"I really connected to customers in the role-play games — I wanted to help them!"

- Courtney, Service Rep, PA

Support customers & staff with product simulations

People are reluctant to try (or recommend) new tech because they don't want to screw up. Take the fear away.

Simulated product environment

2.6 million
simulations viewed in one year

Two birds... one stone

Use the same product simulations to support your customers and employees.

Measure ROI

Track digital banking registrations, call times, product recommendation rates - and more!

Digital banking registrations

P2P payments

Call times

Every employee ready, every time

Service reps

Support personnel

Phone channel Staff

Digital innovation teams

Empower your employees
& drive adoption

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I would not hesitate to recommend Launchfire. We saw immediate results and our employees were challenged by and loved the game-based learning experience.

– J.M., Government of Canada


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